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Which US Silica Pool Sand Filtration products ship from where?

Mauricetown, NJ
i. Lighthouse™ Pool Filter Sand
ii. 1 / 4” Pool Gravel

Columbia, SC
i. Mystic White ® II quartz filter sand, 0.49mm effective size (#20)

Berkeley Springs, WV
i. Mystic White ® II quartz filter sand, 0.49mm effective size (#20)

How can customers place orders?

For NEW companies interested in purchasing from US Silica for the first time or any customer concerns:
Sallie Peyton,
CALL: (813) 265-3426

Existing customers place orders through our customer service team direct from the nearest plant:

Mauricetown, NJ

PRODUCTS (Lighthouse Sand or Gravel)
Debbie Riggins -
Ken Booz -
CALL - 856-785-0720

Columbia, SC
PRODUCTS: Mystic White II Sand
Debra Jones -
CALL: 803-454-1152

Berkley Springs, WV
PRODUCTS: Mystic White II Sand
Ter Verner -
Marsha Minteer -
CALL - 304-258-2500


How do current customers request freight quotes?

Customers request freight quotes through the customer service team from the plant they are buying from. Once you are in contact with one of our reps, we will walk you through the process. Simple & easy.

Is there a centralized customer service department?

The starting point for communications is to select the closet plant to your location and contact the representative (listed above).

From here you can navigate to the correct plant's customer service representative. This is because orders and costs are plant specific; we try and find the most economical solution for delivery and supply.

How is US SILICA premium pool sand packaged?

50 lbs heavy duty bags, clear poly, double-sealed so you can be assured hat every bag is robust and extremely strong in order to minimize any transport damage.

What is the maximum truck capacity per location?

Each of our locations have separate pick-up capacities

Mauricetown: 945 bags / truck

Berkley & Columbia: Flatbed: 912 bags / flatbed

How is US SILICA premium pool sand packaged?

In full truck loads. (see above)


What if the bags break in transit?

At US Silica we stand by our product 100%. If you receive a delivery that is not 100% then just contact our friendly customer service rep and we will issue a credit for any broken bags.

How does a consumer or service professional determine what type of sand to use?

The sand size is specified by the filter manufacturer in the filter manual. However, the finer the sand, the more easily it can trap small particles while letting water flow through.

Standard sand particles are ground to the consistency of .45 to .55 in diameter, causing them to be rough enough to trap debris, but fine enough to allow water to filter through